Sportmax Wheels: Performance Guaranteed

Sportmax wheels are produced by a company that has been making racing wheels since 1976. Its factories are specializing in the manufacture and design of alloy aluminum wheels that are intended for the automotive aftermarket applications and original equipment. At present, Sportmax has a couple of factory facilities that make more than 2.4 million racing wheels every year. An estimated sixty percent of the Sportmax racing wheels that are produced in these factories are brought to Japan while twenty percent are used in the United States. The other twenty percent is shipped to different countries all over the world.

Types of Sportmax Wheels

If you are considering using Sportmax wheels in your vehicle, here are some of the options that are available on several outlets:

  • Sportmax Wheels 002 – This model has been technologically designed to fit old school cars and new wave tuner, which is the reason for its retro flavor. Its specially designed cap can fit vehicles that were imported earlier. This wheel design is available in limited edition F black red, white and gold but only in selected distributors. Other colors include hyper silver, gun metal, F gun metal and black.
  • Sportmax 962 Wheels – These wheels have been designed with the new X concept, which provides large brake clearance for most modern vehicles on the road. Extreme deep lip has been made possible with its new lip design while its pocket design in the center is recessed to allow lug pattern matching. The 962 has aluminum billet center cap. Staggered sizes are available, which include 7 inch, 7.5 inch, 8.5 inch, 9 inch, 9.5 inch and 10 inch. The available colors include red, F black and red as well as gun metal.
  • Sportmax Wheels 521 XXR – This bolt on color wheels have step lip design incorporated with mesh spokes that are cut clean. The wheel has lower offset and is wider for extreme staggered fit. However, standard offsets can also be purchased for cars that are not staggered. Available colors include matte gun metal and hardcore matte black, while the removable metal rivets can be bought in gold, gloss black, blue, red and chrome.
  • Sportmax XXR 527 wheels – This wheel features a new deep concave design that can accommodate most unique widths of wheel in the market. Massive stretch fitment of tires is made possible by the precise offset pairing and extra wide width. The design has multi spokes and is very light in weight. This allows the design to accommodate big break calipers installed in cars such as STI and EVO.

In producing Sportmax drag wheels, the objective is always the same and that is quality. To assure that each wheel always conforms to quality standards, they are certified as QS 9000 and ISO 9002 by the International Standard on Accreditation. The company has also managed to get qualification from the VIA standard of Japan. It is a quality testing that guarantees each wheel conforms to rigorous testing standards. If you are going to use Sportmax wheels such as TSW wheels, you are assured of getting the best racing wheels in the market at present.